Equustek Solutions, Inc. designs and manufactures flexible communication interfaces mainly for the industrial automation industry. Our services include gateways, bridges, and custom protocol conversion and the provision of integration services. Our products provide equipment, made by different companies, with the abiltiy to exchange data over popular industrial networks. Equustek Solutions products offer significant performance improvements and savings over existing alternatives, as well as providing a fast turn around for custom solutions. Equustek Solutions’ existing products interface PC’s, computers, modems, variable speed drives and OEM equipment to Modicon’s Modbus, and to Allen-Bradley’s Data Highway Plus and Remote I/O link network.

Company Profile

Our team of highly skilled applications engineers are experienced not only with the integration of interfaces to Allen-Bradley and Modbus networks, but also with other third party products and networks. Our expertise will help you take advantage of all the options available to maximize the performance of your network.