>Windows Configuration Software
>DL4500 and DL6000 Ethernet Configuration Software
> DOS Configuration Software
> AB to Modbus Mapping Program 
> DPCIe Windows Drivers 
> DL-PCI Windows Drivers 
> USB Drivers
> EDS Files
> Product Icons
> General Application Notes

Windows Configuration Software

Latest Configuration Software

EQ32 Configuration Software (EQ7000, EQ-DCM, DL6000, DL4000, and DLPCIe models)
 EQ32 Version 1.8.8 – January 6, 2012

DL32 Configuration Software (DL3500, DL4500, DL-PCI, and Modbus-PC/104 models)
DL32 Version 3.22 – August 3, 2010

DL32 Configuration Software (DL2000 and DL3000 models)
 DL32-Free Version 3.08 -March 16, 2004

DL32 Configuration Software (Interface Cards)
 DL32 Version 2.03 -October 4, 2002

DL4500 and DL6000 Ethernet Configuration Software (Lantronix Software)

Com Port Redirector Software Version  (Windows NT / 2000 / XP)
Com Port Redirector Software Version 2.2.2  (Windows 95 / 98 / ME)
Device Installer Version


Previous Configuration Software Versions

DL32 Version 3.03(SP2) -September 17, 2004
DL32 Version 3.05(Complete instalation) -October 15, 2004
DL32 Version 3.05(Removed DLL’s) -October 15, 2004

DL3000-DHM Version 1.11 -November 14, 2001


DOS Configuration Software

DL2 Configuration Software
DL2 Version 4.12 – May 30, 2001


Allan-Bradley to Modbus Mapping Program

AB to Modbus mapping program for Equustek Modbus products
AB to Modbus Mapping Program Version 1.3 – June 19, 2007


DLPCIe Windows Drivers

DLPCIe Drivers for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

DLPCIe Driver for Windows8 & Windows10 64 Bit

DLPCIe Driver for Windows8 & Windows10 32 Bit


DL-PCI Windows Drivers

DL-PCI Drivers for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP


USB Drivers

USB Drivers for the DL3500, DL6000, and EQ7000

DL3500 Rev 2 and Higher USB 2.0 Driver (DL3500 Serial # 35000 and higher)
DL3500 Rev 1 USB 1.1 Driver


EDS Files




Product Icons

EQ7000 Icon


DL Product Line General Application Notes

Modbus Application Note Using ControlLogix 
Wonderware Application Note – The ABKF2 I/O Server
Wonderware Application Note – The WWRSLinx I/O Server
Wonderware Application Note – The MODBUS I/O Server

Burning Flash (Upgrading Firmware) Procedure